Nerodata is well recognized solution provider in software development focusing on big data enablement and applications. Our customer base include dozens of industry leaders from telecommunication, finance, e-commerce, retail and education sectors.


London Business School picked Nerodata for it's intelligent appointment and data collection systems.

Bankalar CADDESİ

Bankalar Caddesi'ni internete taşıyoruz.


Ödeal, easiest way of accepting card payments using your mobile phone prefers Nero Fraud Gate ® to secure their transactions.


Kanaltürk picked Nerodata to help reduce mobile data transfer with lossless compression for live streams.


HeyTACK design studio partners with Nerodata to enable their clients to collect and analyse mobile app generated data.


Nerodata helped Star Gazetesi to reach bigger audiences and delight their customers with personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.


"We have been very impressed by Nerodata's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate level data collection platform that perfectly enables us to optimize our campaign response rates. We have finally been able to get personal with our target audience and drive our return per campaign dramatically, while significantly increase our customer service level due to personalisation."

Brannon Morrison, London Business School